Congratulations to KAM STAR STUDENTS of 2016-2017!!!

Stellar Students of 2017 (Maintained a GPA of 3.0 or above)

Gabriella Bane

Isabella Bane

John Conley

Margaret Conley

Most Improved Students of 2017 (Students Received a Grade of B or Higher)

Donavan Light

Elijah Anderson

Allyson Malonzo

On The Verge (Students on the Verge of Improving Their Grade and Overall Knowledge)

Weycen Moya

Saniyah Stafford

Raphael Poolsappasit

Tatiana Ravilla

Rawad Annan

KAM STAR STUDENT 2015 - 2016 (Inaugural Year)

KAM Learning Center is extremely proud to announce our very first Star Student, Isabella Bane! (May, 2015) Isabella is a 4th grade student who joined KAM Learning Center in January, 2015. When we first met her, Isabella did not feel confident in the subject area of Math Concepts. As a result, she did not feel confident tackling Math or finding solutions to Math problems.

Isabella was determined to work hard to overcome these challenges. She was also dedicated to the action plan her Tutor set forth for her. By working hard with her Tutor with consistent attendance, Isabella not only learned tools to overcome her challenges in Math, she became a STAR!

Isabella Bane is now on the 4th Grade Honor Roll excelling in Math Concepts just 5 months later.

"I watched her confidence soar everyday as a direct result of tutoring with KAM. Thank you." - Karen Bane, Author and Proud Grandmother of Isabella

Congratulations Isabella on your fantastic achievement, you ROCK!