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It Takes a Village to Educate a Child

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KAM Learning Center is a licensed and insured Professional Tutoring Service in Mountain House, CA. We work closely with parents, teachers and students to maximize education and personal growth. KAM Learning Center offers personalized, skilled tutoring services and programs for children in grades K-12. You will see an immediate return on your investment and a huge boost in your child’s confidence. KAM Learning Center communicates directly with your child’s teachers to focus on specific areas of study that need extra attention. From reading and writing to mathematics and basic study skills, KAM Learning Center enhances education in collaboration with both schools and parents.

What are our clients saying?

"Thank you so much for all KAM is doing for my son. This is a awesome transformation in such a short time..." - Kendall Bellow, Parent

'''My daughter, Isabella, has been attending tutoring sessions with them twice a week for the past 2 months. We are very pleased with the progress Isabella has made since she started tutoring at KAM Learning. Her instructor has done a great job working with her and her confidence during the sessions. One of the things that we love most about KAM Learning is the fact that the instructors communicate weekly with us as parents and with Isabella’s 4th grade teacher. They follow up to make sure she is staying on track with her lessons and to determine the areas that she needs help on. The emails and communication have been phenomenal at KAM. In addition, our daughter Isabella enjoys going to tutoring and they have built a great relationship with her. My wife and I are very happy with KAM Learning and we highly recommend their services!

Thank you!" - Matthew and Esther Bane, Parents

"Thank you for all your help.... I have seen a big improvement in my son.. His school work has improved tremendously! Thank you again. We really appreciate your help and continued work for the successful education of our son" - Adeflo and Florence Bamidele, Parents

What teachers are saying?

"His feeling of success with KAM is translating into the work he is doing in class. He is doing well..."-Mrs. Mariano, Altamont Elementary

"Individual attention, quality of work and attention to detail has noticeably improved since he began with KAM Learning Center." - Mrs. Jones, Altamont Elementary